We are just too smart

We are just too smartThe problem is we are just too smart.

Our brains are highly skilled, multidimensional, hyper processing super computers. They are capable of observing, processing, and responding to hundreds of thousands of bits of information every minute.  When you think about it, it’s truly amazing.

But is that how we are wired to perform?


Research study after research study has shown that the brain (and what I am really saying here is you) functions most effectively when it is singularly focused, fully engaged, “all in” at whatever the activity is at hand.  Imagine the power you could bring to any situation if your brain fired all its neurotransmitters towards a single task.

Professional athletes know this.  Their livelihood depends on it. They spend hours practicing their craft while being present and focused in the moment.  This single focus is part of their secret.  Being present is what helps them perform to the best of their abilities on game day.

What if you could bring this type of focus to the work you do; the meetings you participate in; the teams you support? 

Being present – whether it’s a simple step like eliminating multitasking, or a tougher step like truly and completely listening to understand — is the most important prerequisite to executing work in a really powerful way.

Need some help being more present? Try this. Before your next meeting ask yourself these three questions:

  • How valuable do I plan on making this meeting?
  • How much risk am I willing to take?
  • How much will I participate?

Sometimes pausing to check your “presence” level is all you really need to re-engage in the work at hand. And having you fully engaged could be the difference maker in getting a really great result.


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